Animated Pictures of Elephants

On this page, you will find the collection of animated pictures of the elephant. All of them are available, so please scroll the page to see them. Elephants are placental mammals and the largest land animals. Their intelligence and behavior are, in many cases, similar to that of humans.

They can play, communicate through sounds and gestures, use tools, recognize themselves, be generous to other individuals of their species, and even go through periods of mourning.

Animated Pictures of Elephants

Beyond its large size, which can exceed 4 meters in height, the elephant has other very striking physical characteristics. For example, its weight can reach up to one ton. When a baby is born, it usually weighs around 100 kilograms.

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The elephant is one of the longest living animals on the planet. They can reach 70 years of age, and there has been a case of a specimen in captivity that died at 86 years of age.

Its trunk lacks bones and is used to collect food, make sounds, and identify odors. It is a handy tool. On the other hand, their ears serve to detect the sounds of the environment and regulate their body temperature.

On the other hand, elephants can adapt to any habitat. Generally, they are observed in African extensions. However, they can live in savannahs, prairies, swamps, and any other place where there is water. This is necessary for them since they can drink it, but it serves them to bathe and maintain its fresh skin.

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Most of these animals are found in protected areas. However, after a specific time, they migrate for several months, especially when they notice that man destroys their environment.

Also, they are animals that like to be in constant movement; they need to move outdoors; being in captivity is not their forte. Concerning the Asian elephant, they usually inhabit areas of China and India, in tropical forests.

Currently, all elephant species and subspecies are in danger of extinction. This is due to the indiscriminate hunting they suffered for centuries. On the other hand, it is also expected to the loss of their natural habitats due to climate change and soil exploitation.

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The only two types of them remain: the Asian and African, both coming from the order of the Proboscidea and scientifically called Elephantidae.

These massive animals are herbivores. They usually feed on soft bark and eat leaves of trees and bushes, fruits, and fresh herbs. The elephants need to eat about 200 and 250 kilos of food to be able to maintain themselves.

This is equivalent to more than 14 hours a day feeding. To complete their diet, the elephant also needs to ingest water in greater quantity. When it does, it consumes more than 10 liters at one time.