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Ant-Man is a superhero who can control his size. Like all the superheroes invented by the Jack Kirby-Stan Lee tandem, Ant-Man’s birth takes place in a laboratory.

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Hank Pym is a scientist. He is the inventor of the “Pym particles”, which allow for shrinking objects. He tests them on himself, falls into an ant farm, and is chased by thousands of ants.

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He befriends one of them, who helps him get back to his house, where he regains his human form thanks to his serum. The scientist swears never to use his discovery again.

After the success of this first adventure, the character is quickly back, with a two-episode story. The antagonists begin to take shape.

As a result of the Cold War, they will be communists. In “The Return of Ant-Man”, Hank Pym decides to recreate the formula for the shrinking serum before hiding it in his safe.

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He is asked to design a gas that would provide immunity to radioactivity. Communists hear about this project and kidnap him. He manages to stop them, using the powers of his serum. Ant-Man is born!

All the character attributes are already present: the red suit, the helmet allowing to communicate with the ants. But he still has to pour the serum on his outfit to shrink.

Soon, he is joined by Jane Van Dyne, who will become the Wasp. In September 1963, the two characters will be among the founding members of the Avengers (with Thor, Iron Man, Hulk).

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Whether schizophrenic or a thief, selfish or a liar, Ant-Man remains one of the most human superheroes in the Marvel universe.