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Shazam is one of the oldest superheroes who has managed to beat Superman in popularity. Shazam is one of the comic book characters with the most original powers among superhero stories. 

On this page, you will discover the best shazam images. The images are available without any purchase. So let us take a look now. 

Collection of Shazam Images 

A Brief Story of Shazam

Billy Batson was a troubled orphan boy who never stayed with the same family for long, bouncing from foster home to foster home. The same happened with the schools he went to, always getting into trouble and getting expelled.

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With such a history, it is strange that one day Billy would be adopted again. However, this did happen. The Vasquez family adopted him in Philadelphia. 

Upon meeting his new family, he discovers that he now has several siblings who were also adopted. However, this does not sensitize Billy, who already begins to plan his escape from that home.

Before he can put his escape plan into practice, Billy discovers that his brothers are the frequent target of troublemakers at school. 

The boy immediately takes his new family’s side in the fight against the bullies. This gets him sent to the principal’s office but also wins him the affection of his brothers.

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This was Billy’s life situation when suddenly when he got on the subway, he was magically transported to another place. 

He ended up at the Rock of Eternity, the home of a millennial magician who had been desperately searching for someone perfect to turn into his champion for many years. 

Billy was a candidate and had his soul examined by the Wizard, but when it was found that he was not perfectly good, he argued that there was no such person and that the Wizard would never see his champion.

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The Wizard saw the wisdom in Billy’s words and looked into the boy’s soul again. This time, however, he looked for the potential in Billy to become great and saw all the acts of kindness that the boy had already done. 

He was convinced and granted Billy superpowers that he could use whenever he said Shazam. Upon speaking such a magic word, Billy is struck by lightning that transforms him into a grown man dressed in red with a lightning emblem and a white cape.