Captain America Coloring Pages

In March 1941, one of the first comic-strip superheroes and one of the longest-lived: Captain America arrived on newsstands throughout the United States of America.

Then, Today captain America also arrived at the coloring pages below. If you love this superhero, do not be shy. Let’s get the images below, then color them with your favorite colors.

Free Captain America Coloring Pages

A Brief Story of Captain America

The character of Captain America, also known as Cap, Sentinel of Freedom, or Living Legend, was born as a propaganda element during the Second World War years. 

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Cartoonists’ idea was to create a character who embodied the ideals of freedom and democracy of America as opposed to imperialist Europe. Therefore, it is no coincidence that the cover of the first issue sees Cap punching Hitler.

The character owes his powers to the serum of the supersoldier who radically changed his DNA, transforming a frail boy with poor physical skills into a high, durable, agile, resistant, immune to harmful substances and diseases, and with high healing power. 

The serum turned Rogers into a virtually perfect human being. Thanks to the military training received, Cap is an expert in hand-to-hand combat, uses weapons, and is a natural leader. 

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In addition to the costume, which recalls the American flag, the symbol of the Marvel character is his shield. It was created with a special adamantine and vibranium and was practically indestructible. It is used both as a weapon of defense and offense.

The character of Cap will be reprised and brought back to success starting from 1964 by Stan Lee, who made his debut in No. 4 of the Avengers in which the supergroup retrieves him still hibernated in the middle of the ocean and brings him back to life. 

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From this moment on, Steve Rogers will become one of the group’s leaders and one of the most followed Marvel characters. 

Lee deprived the character of the nationalistic elements he was born to give life to a hero with a wholly renewed sensitivity and humanity. 

Nevertheless, the character did not lose his “political function”, as his stories were often used to denounce corruption and social differences in the USA.