Airplane Coloring Pages

Do you look for an airplane to color? Now you can find these fantastic images on this page. Please choose your favorites below, then color them as you like. Happy coloring.

The airplane is an aircraft whose imposing structure makes it much heavier than the air itself. Its most outstanding physical characteristics are the wings arranged on its sides and the propulsion exerted by the engine, which allows it to fly.

Airplane Coloring Pages to Print

What is Airplane?

The airplane is air transportation and therefore refers to the ability of this vehicle to move through the air, that is, to fly.

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The North American Wright brothers, Wilbur and Orville, were the first to invent the airplane capable of flying (which they called “Flyer I”), and they did so in 1903, traveling 36 meters in 12 seconds. 

In this way, Wilbur and Orville were the first to realize one of humanity’s oldest dreams, using a vehicle built in a primitive way compared to current air transportation. 

This was the beginning of a series of revolutions in aviation, which is still evolving today.

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The airplane is a heavy, long, winged aircraft propelled through the air by one or more engines. According to the number of wings, airplanes are classified into monoplanes, biplanes, and triplanes. 

Considering the airplane’s function, we can speak of a military airplane or a civilian aircraft; a military airplane can fulfill various tasks related to war.

Such as the transfer of troops, while a civilian airplane is generally used to transport cargo or passengers or other similar civilian tasks.

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