Alicorn Coloring Pages

Alicorns are magical creatures, a symbol of light, goodness, and nature. Children love them very much. Let the child color his unicorn and start a magical journey! 

We have gathered an extensive collection of high-quality alicorn coloring pages. Choose the images you love below and color them as you like.

Printable Alicorn Coloring Pages

What is Alicorn?

Since medieval times, a legendary being called oricuerno or alicorn has been mentioned among the Castilian myths. It is the name that was popularly given to the unicorn in Castile. 

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Alicorn is generally described as a white horse endowed with a powerful front horn in a spiral shape. 

Sometimes it was adorned with more details: fallow deer’s feet, lion’s tail, purple head, blue eyes, wings on the hooves, or two large wings that allowed it to fly.

This indomitable being is the protagonist of numerous Castilian legends and was sought above all for the properties of its horn. It was used to make magical elements such as crosses to ward off any beast or evil spirits.

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In addition, the grated horn of the oryx was an indispensable ingredient for making potions and ointments that remedied impotence, cured poisoning, decontaminated toxic waters, and even turned women into men on St. John’s Day.  

The importance of the oricorn or alicorn as a symbol of purity, strength, and courage is in the painting that Juan Ricci painted for the monastery of San Millán de la Cogolla (La Rioja).

It represents the patron saint of Castile, San Millán, mounted on an alicorn with a flaming sword and fighting the Muslim troops in the battle of Hacinas.