Alvin and the Chipmunks Coloring Pages

Alvin and the Chipmunks were first discovered on television in the 80s and 90s. Then they were forgotten and were brought back to life with an excellent trilogy in the cinema. 

These American films also feature their female alter egos: the Chipettes. But today, you can see Alvin’s adventures in the printable Alvin and the Chipmunks Coloring Pages below.

Free Alvin and the Chipmunks Coloring Pages

Alvin, Simon, and Theodore. We loved to see three little guys with irresistible faces wiggling to the rhythm of contemporary hits in 4 live-action films. 

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Beyond the movie franchise, the Chipmunks are also 56 albums, four video games, and television series. 

Focus on their six-year success story that made these little rodents, pioneers of fictional groups, true icons of pop music for young people.

It all began in 1958 when the American composer Ross Bagdasarian wrote and performed Witch Doctor under David Seville. 

The musician used an experimental recording technique to give his song more tonal touches. 

This technique allows him to draw his tone towards the high end by recording himself in slow motion before accelerating the playback tape. 

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And the process works! Witch Doctor became the 4th most popular song in the United States in 1958.

The artist decided to create a fictional band from scratch, hesitating between a crew of elephants, earthworms (yes, earthworms), or other animals. 

One day, our aesthete with the overflowing imagination crosses a natural park by car. A chipmunk stops in the middle of the road to challenge him to go further. Ross Bagdasarian laughs, and the Chipmunks are born.

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These adorable creatures reunited for the first time with the release of The Chipmunk Song in the fall of 1958, where the musician re-used (and accentuated) the voice alteration process that had made the success of Witch Doctor. 

Again, the public is there with more than 4 million copies sold in 7 weeks. 

Even the professional world gets excited: The Chipmunk Song won three Grammy Awards in 1959, including the best non-classical engineering album. 

The three brothers were in the spotlight, and that was only the beginning.