Ambulance Coloring Pages

This ambulance is waiting for you to rush patients to the hospital. Print these free ambulance coloring pages and play the little ambulance driver to bring the patients back. 

Don’t forget to warn the driver to turn on the sirens when he takes off. Use your coloring skills to make this car colorful again to drive faster.

Free Ambulance Coloring Pages

What is an Ambulance?

An ambulance provides medical care to patients far from a hospital or for those who need to be transported to a medical center because they need further or more specific medical tests.

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Ambulances have different classifications. According to their medical equipment and configuration, these can vary depending on whether they transport patients or not. 

On the other hand, some ambulances can perform more than one function, transporting patients and attending to them inside the vehicle. 

They can therefore be classified into four: emergency ambulances, patient transport, response units, and finally, charity ambulances.


Emergency ambulances are the most common and well-known. This type of ambulance allows emergency care of sick or injured patients. 

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These types of vehicles can be different means of transport, such as vans, helicopters, airplanes or boats, and even any other kind of transport that has been converted and adapted to perform their functions. 


This type of ambulance has as its primary function the transport of patients to the nearest medical center, but do not have the option of being able to attend the emergency.


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Response units are a type of ambulance used for patients who need immediate attention, so they allow patients to be attended to in the same place, but they cannot transport them.


Charity ambulances provide extraordinary care, i.e., they allow to attend to patients in very distant places without the possibility of health care.