Apatosaurus Coloring Pages

Here are the best collection of apatosaurus coloring pages. The apatosaurs were some of the largest animals that have ever existed on earth. 

They were about 4.5 meters high to the hips, a total length of 26 meters, and a mass of up to 24 tons, similar in weight to 4 elephants.

Free Apatosaurus Coloring Pages

What is Apatosaurus?

Apatosaurs had claws on their feet, but only the thumb. Scientists theorize that they usually held their tails up a couple of meters above the ground. This would prevent the dinosaur from stepping on it or putting its tail within reach of predators.

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Apatosaurus was a giant dinosaur, also known as Brontosaurus. It was a member of the sauropod dinosaurs. This dinosaur was a herbivore, meaning its diet consisted mainly of leaves and other plant material. 

However, it did not chew its food but had stones called gastroliths in its stomach that helped it digest food. It lived 150 million years ago in Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Oklahoma, and Mexico. 

It is considered one of the largest land animals is ever walking the planet. It was 75 feet long and weighed 50,000 pounds. It had a long neck and a tail but a small head. Its teeth were like chisels that could quickly remove leaves from branches.

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In 1887, Othniel Charles Marsh gave it the scientific name Apatosaurus ajax. The name Apatosaurus means “deceptive lizard” because its bones resembled those of other dinosaurs, particularly Mosasaurs.

Hatchlings and young apatosaurs were able to run on their hind legs to keep away from predators. Adult Apatosaurus also walked on all fours, although they were slow-moving due to their heavy weight. 

They could also move their tails like whirlwinds and make snapping sounds by whipping them at high speed. It had a small head compared to its overall size, not very intelligent.