Aurora Coloring Pages

Aurora is the protagonist of the 1959 Disney feature film Sleeping Beauty. Aurora discovers her true identity only when she turns 16.

And today, our protagonist is here. Here are the printable Aurora coloring pages. You can get these images free of charge. Happy coloring.

Printable Aurora Coloring Pages

Aurora believes her name is Rosaspina, that she is a simple peasant girl and that her only family are her three “aunts” (and fairy godmothers), Flora, Fauna, and Serenella.

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Aurora is the only daughter of King Stephen and Queen Leah, who were forced to take the child away from the castle early to protect her from the curse cast on her by the wicked witch Maleficent.

Precisely because of Maleficent, Aurora is pricked and falls into a death-like sleep, from which only the kiss of true love can awaken her. 

The kiss of Prince Philip will awaken her. A mysterious boy Aurora had met a few days earlier in the woods.

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Aurora is the Disney princess who appears less on screen than the other heroines: only for 18 minutes and has only 18 lines. 

She is also the tallest of the princesses and is the only one who does not have a confrontation or interact with her antagonist. The film is based on the fairy tale Sleeping Beauty by Charles Perrault.

In 2014, Disney also produced Maleficent, a remake with real-life actors starring Angelina Jolie as Maleficent and Elle Fanning as Aurora.