Banana Coloring Pages

Here, you can find lovely coloring pages of a banana to print. Please choose your favorites below, then color them as you like. Happy coloring.

The banana is a yellow fruit. Bananas are rich in fiber, potassium, and some beneficial vitamins. It is an excellent fruit for everyone. 

Free Printable Banana Coloring Pages

Banana Characteristics and Nutrient Values

Fresh consumption as a dessert of the banana is the most ordinary, even fried, but also, other bananas, such as the plantain, are cooked and consumed when still green. 

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Some ripe bananas are used to produce crunchy dried banana slices or banana flour. 

Also, in some areas of East Africa, ripe bananas are used to make a low alcohol beer. Other products include mash, juice, liquor, and sweets.

Also, this fruit is a good source of energy, providing between 88 and 95kcal/100g, and is an essential source of vitamin A and potassium.

Some varieties can be distinguished by their difference in size, color, green, yellow, or red, more or less sweet taste, and their way of consumption.

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Bananas can be harvested all year round; even in one year, there can be three harvests, and their abundance depends on the season. 

Those destined for export are harvested green and taken in refrigerated ships to their destination. Afterward, they mature quickly in specially conditioned chambers. 

During the ripening process, the starch in the fruit is transformed into sugar, and at the same time, the aromatic substances and acids that balance the sweetness are formed. 

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Once they are ripe, they should not be put in the domestic refrigerator because they lose their flavor in the cold and can be spoiled.

The banana tree is an herbaceous plant with large and striking leaves whose straight stem is a bulb that can regrow each year.

The inflorescence gives rise to the ‘hands’ made up of ‘fingers’, which are generally yellow fruits.