Bean Coloring Pages

The bean is a vegetable rich in minerals vitamins and low in calories. It is pretty easy to grow, so do not hesitate to plant a few rows if you have a little space.

Now, you can see this plant on the following bean coloring pages. The coloring pages are ready to print. Please put your desired colors into the drawings. 

Free Bean Coloring Pages to Print

How to Plant Bean?

Bean does not support the cold. That is why it is necessary to choose a sunny exposure. 

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For this reason, you will not be able to sow it in place before the ground is sufficiently hot, that is, in April in the south and in May in the north. 

The seed germinates only from 20°C. You can sow your beans under a plastic tunnel to obtain an early resolution.

Proceed by sowing in rows spaced 5 cm apart or in bunches of 5 beans in each hole, spacing them 40 cm apart in all directions. 

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Sow your beans 3 cm deep in light soil. To facilitate germination, soak them in water for half a day.

There are varieties with a compact habit and others voluble, which should be installed next to rows at least 2 m high and 50 cm apart. Hold the plant together with cross poles.

The beans will germinate within a week. After they have grown to about 15 cm, lightly ridge them.

The harvest will begin in July. You can regularly pick your beans more or less developed according to your taste. The common bean is eaten :

  • in green with its pod – from approximately three months
  • in beans, still green before the pods are entirely ripe – from 4 months
  • dry, when fully ripe