Boat Coloring Pages

Do you like to play with boats in the bath? Do you enjoy watching boats at sea? And do you secretly dream of having your boat later? Then you might like these boat coloring pages! 

You can choose your favorite pictures below. And grab your coloring pens or pencils and start coloring! So let’s take a look at these coloring pages!

Boat Coloring Pages

What is Boat?

A boat is a human construction capable of floating on water and moving on it, voluntarily or not. It meets a need for maritime or river transport. 

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It allows various activities such as transporting people or goods, war at sea, fishing, pleasure boating, or other services such as the safety of other boats.

Boats have accompanied Man in his evolution. Indispensable during great wars and conquests, but also for subsistence through fishing, they have been transformed and are now an integral part of modern commercial and military systems:

  • Several million fishing boats are used by tens of millions of anglers worldwide.
  • Modern wars call for highly sophisticated ships to transport and support forces on land.
  • Thirty-two thousand merchant ships carried more than 6 billion tons of goods in 2004.
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But ships were also used for great explorations, scientific discoveries, and the spread of great cultures: Chinese navigators like Zheng He shared inventions such as the compass and gunpowder. In contrast, expeditions to America spread European culture to that continent. 

If ships were used for colonization and triangular trade, they also served for scientific research and the cultural influence of countries.

As Thor Heyerdahl demonstrated with the Kon-Tiki, it is possible to do great things with a simple log raft. From the monoxide boat of the Mesolithic era to today’s powerful nuclear aircraft carrier, boats tell the story of Man.