The Boss Baby Coloring Pages

The Boss Baby is an animated film by DreamWorks Animation. This funny film will be here. Yes, there are The Boss Baby coloring pictures below. Choose your favorites now, and have fun.

Boss Baby doesn’t come into the world like other babies but is driven in front by a taxi. He was delivered by Baby Corp, a factory in heaven where all babies come.

Free Boss Baby Coloring Pages

A Brief Story of The Boss Baby

Most babies are sent directly to a family, but the chosen ones end up in the ‘management’ department of Baby Corp and are sent to earth with a particular assignment. 

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In the case of The Boss Baby to the Templeton family. The arrival of this remarkable child is seen with sadness by older brother Tim (Miles Bakshi). 

Previously, he had the exclusive right to live alone; all his parents’ attention went to him. Every evening they read three bedtime stories and sang a song to him together. But now that the baby is here, it’s all over. 

Tim soon discovers that his brother is not an ordinary baby. The baby can talk in great sentences and have discussions with his ‘team’. 

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When he confronts the baby, he explains his secret mission: The Boss Baby has been sent to earth to protect the babies. 

Puppies quickly take over their place as their most beloved housemate, and Mum and Dad Templeton (Jimmy Kimmel and Lisa Kudrow) have just joined Puppy Co. 

It is a multinational company about to launch a new pet: a puppy that will never grow old. It’s up to The Boss Baby to stop this. He and Tim decide to make a deal. 

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Tim helps the baby accomplish his task if he promises to leave the family alone afterward so that Tim gets all the attention from his parents again. But during their mission, the new brothers grow ever closer together.