Broccoli Coloring Pages

Broccoli is also known by terms such as broccoli or broccoli. Its botanical name is Brassica oleracea L, and it belongs to the Cruciferae family, like cabbages or cauliflowers.

Now, you can see these vegetables on the following broccoli coloring pages. The coloring pages are available for free charge. So, let’s print and color them.

Free Printable Broccoli Coloring Pages

Characteristic of Broccoli

Broccoli has a similar shape to cauliflower but with less tight or compact flower stalks, forming a bouquet or irregular and open head. 

Its leaves remain erect, with bare petioles, blades whose edges are wavy, and marked white veins. 

The broccoli head can reach 20 centimeters in diameter, weighing about 2 kg, distinguishing different colors according to purple, reddish, white, or yellowish varieties.

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The most common being dark green on the stem and bluish green at the end of the flower. Its ingestion offers a very pronounced pungent flavor.

Broccoli develops in different phases: a period of growth in which only the leaves are visible; 

  • Flower induction after low temperatures in which flower formation begins; 
  • Flowering properly, the stems grow lengthwise and the flowers open, finally fruiting where the fruits and seeds are formed. 

The temperate Mediterranean climates are optimal for its cultivation, even providing two annual harvests, harvested in October and May.

Previously, this type of plant was known as cruciferous and is similar to cauliflower but differs from its intense green color.

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Its main feature is its abundant inflorescences that have the appearance of small saplings attached to tender stems. 

These numerous flower heads are suitable for consumption when they are still unripe. 

Unlike cauliflower, which has only one central flower head, broccoli has the same flower head and may be surrounded by numerous flowers around it.

The leaves of this plant have elongated petioles, blades with lobed leaves of a vital size, grayish-green, very wavy, revealing deep lobes. The leaves surround, as protection, the inflorescences.

When the flowers mature, making the plant useless for consumption, they have four pale yellow petals. 

The fruits are in siliques that open when ripe releasing the seeds, these fruits are pink.

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When they have not yet matured, only the inflorescences and the central stem to which they are attached are the only edible parts of broccoli.

The characteristics of broccoli in terms of properties are so long that they would not fit this article. 

It provides essential vitamins such as A, C, and K, and its regular consumption prevents anemia thanks to its iron content. Its curative and preventive properties are priceless. 

From folic acid, which helps prevent problems during pregnancy, to isothiocyanates, which play a vital role in cancer prevention, practically everything in this great vegetable serves to strengthen and improve health.