Bulldozer Coloring Pages

The bulldozer is a tracked machine with a blade at the front. It is mainly used to level the ground and manage excavated material or transport equipment. 

The bulldozer appeared around 1940, and it’s been almost 80 years that this machine makes many services worldwide! Now you can see them in the following bulldozer coloring pages.

Printable Bulldozer Coloring Pages

What is Bulldozer?

A bulldozer is a tracked or wheeled tractor equipped with at least one steerable blade used for pushing materials or demolition. It was used from the 1930s and arrived in Europe after World War II to rebuild devastated homes.

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The bulldozer is a grader mounted on a tracked tractor. The earthmoving tool is a profiled blade carried by two articulated arms that can be lowered or raised by a hydraulic mechanism. 

If the blade is lowered, the machine makes an earthwork by scraping with a cutting depth of 20 to 30 cm. With the blade in the middle position, it is possible to level out spoil piles in 20 to 30 cm layers. The high position is a transport position.

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The blade can be tilted in some machines by pivoting around horizontal joints. Hydraulic push arms control this movement. The engine’s power is characterized by the tractor power and varies from 25 to 500 hp. 

The length of the blade is proportional to the width of the machine, and it varies from 1.80 m to 6.00 m. In some bulldozers, the blade is also adjustable in the direction of travel of the machine. 

These machines are called angledozers. This device can level out spoil piles by throwing them to the side. Generally, bulldozers are equipped with a shifting device mounted at the rear of the machine. 

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It can be single or multi-share. The number of shares to be adopted results from the analysis of the ground to be treated: In a land where the penetration of the teeth is easy, it is interesting to increase the number of teeth. 

For rugged and compact soils, it is generally recommended to use a single share with the choice of a powerful machine.