Bus Coloring Pages

If you take this vehicle regularly, the driver will only recognize you. Of course, the subway is faster, but the bus allows passengers to see out! In some cities, there are trolleybuses. 

If you’re a fan of public vehicles, we’ve got some free bus coloring pages for you to choose from. You are free to put the colors you want on your printable bus coloring pages. 

Free Bus Coloring Pages

What is Bus?

The bus is designed to transport numerous people through urban roads, and its capacity generally varies between 10 and 120 passengers, although there are also buses with between 160 and 240 passengers.

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In 1826, Stanislav Braudy was the first to start offering collective transport to the customers of his baths. And from here, the first public transport companies began to appear.

Enterprise Générale des Omnibus was the first bus company, born in Paris in 1828 by Stanislav Braudy. And a year later, the first public transport service began operating in London and New York.

In 1895, the first motorized bus, developed by Karl Benz, appeared. On June 11, 1906, the first motorized bus line was inaugurated in France, covering a distance of 5.8 km. 

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In 1938, the switch to diesel engines came, thanks to the Mack brothers, who were the first to incorporate this engine in buses. After World War II, the next great innovation came when buses managed to overshadow streetcars in most cities in Spain, France, the UK, and the USA. 

In 1951, Mercedes Benz combined the rear engine with a more advanced bodywork for the first time, which allowed better use of the vehicle’s internal space.

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Today diesel engines are still very present; however, more and more innovation is occurring. Other forms of energy such as natural gas, electricity, or even hydrogen are beginning to be used and explored.