Castle Coloring Pages

Choose and print these castle coloring pages. There are not only simple ones but also more massive castles. And intricate drawings of medieval castles. 

A castle is a “strong place surrounded by walls, bastions, moats, and other fortifications,” according to the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language. 

Free Castle Coloring Pages

A castle has a markedly defensive character and is typical of the Middle Ages. A castle is a fortified structure built primarily to defend itself. 

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The thick walls were built to repel enemy attacks. But the castle should also offer protection to the population. 

Castles have been around for a very long time. But they only became important in the Middle Ages. That’s what they call the time between the 6th and 15th centuries. 

The Middle Ages were very turbulent, and people sought shelter in the castles. A castle, on the other hand, is primarily a residence. This means that a nobleman lived and lived there with his family. 

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The walls of a castle are often not so thick. There are large windows, many curlicues, and little towers. 

Often such a building is also furnished with valuable carpets and spacious gardens. A big and beautiful castle should show everybody that the ruler is mighty and plentiful.