Cauliflower Coloring Pages

Cauliflower is a plant belonging to Brassica oleracea of the Botrytis variety. We know it for its presence as food for human consumption. 

Now, you can learn more about the vegetable here. Yes, you can learn while coloring the following images below. So, here are the printable cauliflower coloring pages.

Printable Cauliflower Coloring Pages 

Cauliflower Characteristic

Its characteristics make this variety of cabbage a plant cultivated almost all over the world, China being the world’s leading producer of cauliflower. 

Belonging to the cruciferous family, it is related to the turnip and cabbage. It is also related to broccoli.

Cauliflowers are usually classified according to several criteria, such as the color of the mass, the temperature required for cultivation, ripening time, or the length of the growing season.

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By color, shades in the mass are differentiated: white cauliflowers (the most common), green and purple.

Depending on the temperature required for cultivation, there are tropical cauliflowers, which can develop quality masses with temperatures above 20ºC; 

Non-vernalizing cauliflowers produce specimens with temperatures between 14 and 20ºC; vernalizing cauliflowers, standard in northern Europe, require somewhat lower temperatures than the previous ones.

According to the ripening time: summer, with compact masses; autumn, of various sizes and textures; winter, ripening in spring.

According to the length of the cycle, they are divided into a short cycle, less than 90 days, sensitive to temperature changes; medium cycle, between 90 and 120 days; and long cycle, more than 120 days.

Cauliflower is suitable for slimming diets, as it is low in calories and rich in fiber. It provides essential vitamins and minerals, beneficial in circulatory and heart diseases. It is indicated in the prevention of some cancers.

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Cauliflower is a vegetable belonging to the cabbage family. The consumed part is the flower or inflorescence, which is very appreciated for its flavor. 

It can be used in different ways, both raw and cooked. It is an essential source of vitamins and minerals. It also provides fiber and is a low-calorie food.

Cauliflower is an ancient crop from Asia. It is mainly a winter vegetable with a pleasant and very characteristic flavor. It can be consumed in many ways, either raw or cooked. 

Among the possibilities is to serve it boiled, stewed, roasted, fried, au gratin with cheese, mashed, and vegetable soups. It can also be preserved in oil, in brine, and as a pickle in vinegar.

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The consumed part of the cauliflower is the set of flowers, also called head or Pella, which is rounded and of great size, generally of white color. 

Many varieties of this vegetable are classified according to their harvesting season, shape, or color, like purple and green cauliflowers. 

This wide range allows its consumption throughout the year, although it is typically a winter crop. Its nutritional properties are similar to those of the rest of the cabbages. 

It is an advisable food in slimming diets since it has few calories and a lot of fiber. It is rich in vitamins and minerals. It prevents heart and intestinal diseases.