Cinderella Coloring Pages

Are you looking for a Cinderella coloring book? Proper timing, because Cinderella coloring pages are here. There is a beautiful collection of Cinderella coloring pictures to print if you wish. 

Cinderella is a victim of the wickedness of her mother-in-law and her two daughters. Only her animal friends, especially the mice Jaq and Gus, can give her any comfort.

Free Cinderella Coloring Pages

A Brief Story of Cinderella 

One day the king organized a big three-day party, the prince. Her sisters went to the ball, but Cinderella was not. Her sadness was interrupted by the gentle voice of her fairy godmother. 

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After hearing Cinderella’s troubles, she instructed her to bring a pumpkin, a mouse trap with six mice, a rat trap with one rat, and two lizards. 

The fairy godmother transformed the objects into a beautiful carriage with six horses to pull it with her magic wand. Then she also transforms Cinderella into a beautiful woman like a princess. 

After giving careful instructions to return home before the clock struck twelve, her fairy godmother said goodbye to Cinderella, and she went to the ballroom.

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The first two nights of the party, Cinderella was the most beautiful, and her stepsisters did not recognize her. The prince fell in love with her and wanted to dance, but Cinderella would leave before midnight. 

On the third night, Cinderella forgot the hours until she heard the midnight chimes and had to run away. One of her glass shoes came off as she escaped down a staircase.

The prince ordered all the young girls to try the shoe in the kingdom. He hopes it can find his beloved. The stepsisters tried to put it on in Cinderella’s house, but her feet were too big. 

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So Cinderella asked to try it on, and to everyone’s surprise, it fitted perfectly. The prince took her to his palace and asked her to marry him. Soon they were married and lived very happily.