Corn Coloring Pages

Corns are especially interesting in early childhood education or completing other work or projects of their studies. Here, the children can learn with these corn coloring pages without discarding the entertainment.

Corn is a very small crop of about 7000 years old, of Indian origin cultivated in the areas of Mexico and Central America. 

Free Printable Corn Coloring Pages

Corn Characteristic

Today, its cultivation is widespread throughout the rest of the countries, especially in Europe, where it occupies a very high position. 

The USA is another country that stands out for its high concentration of corn cultivation.

Its origin is unclear, but it belongs to a crop from the Mexican area since its oldest findings were found there.

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The corn plant can be defined as a metabolic system whose end product is starch deposited in specialized organs: the kernels.

The development of the plant can be divided into two physiological phases. Different tissues develop and differentiate in the first or vegetative stage until the floral structures appear. 

The vegetative phase consists of two cycles. In the first, the first leaves are formed, and the development is ascending; in this cycle, dry matter production is slow and ends with the tissue differentiation of the reproductive organs. 

In the second cycle, leaves and reproductive organs develop; this cycle ends with the emission of stigmas.

The second phase, also called the reproductive phase, begins with fertilizing the female structures that will differentiate into spikelets and grains. 

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The initial stage of this phase is characterized by an increase in the weight of the leaves and other parts of the flower; during the second stage, the importance of the grains increases rapidly (Tanaka and Yamaguchi, 1972).

The primary use of corn is for food. The cobs are eaten whole cooked, and the ground kernels are used to prepare a dough with which numerous dishes are ready. 

The American diet is based on corn since almost all of its dishes contain corn in some form. 

Commercially, the dried kernels are made into everyday breakfast flakes, often mixed with milk or yogurt. 

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Corn also yields an oil used for cooking, and in recent years the plant has become a source of biofuel.

Although less popular, it has uses in traditional medicine. The flowers have calming and cooling effects. 

Chinese medicine uses corn to treat urinary ailments, jaundice, hepatitis, cirrhosis, and gallstones.

Corn is not considered endangered or seriously threatened. However, it is vulnerable to numerous diseases and infections caused by fungi, insects, and other organisms that affect its survival and crops. 

However, the fungus Ustilago maydis or huitlacoche, which grows on various plant parts, is a desirable organism since it is used to prepare tasty and coveted dishes in Mexico.