Disney Princess Coloring Pages

When we were kids, the world of fairytale princesses enchanted us, made us dream that we could be one of them, and fantasized about living in a castle. 

The Disney princesses are the heroes of the little girls in the family. Today, we bring you several Disney princess coloring pages that will make them crazy with joy.

Free Disney Princess Coloring Pages

There are many princesses, and they have a very different characters from the others. Have you ever felt identified with any of them, or do you think you inspire that character? 

Snow White: One could say that she is the most successful Disney princess, since in 1939, the year of her debut, she surpassed 996 million dollars. 

The story tells about a young girl who ran away from her evil stepmother. Then she found comfort in a bit of house in the woods with seven dwarfs is known to all of us and has been told many times. 

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Her personality? Kind and innocent, although throughout history, she has shown courage and a positive attitude in the face of adversity.

CinderellaAnother classic princess, like Snow White, is pressured by the power of her stepmother when her father dies. 

Although, in this case, two more characters appear who do not make it easy for her either: her stepsisters. This hard-working, discreet, animal-loving girl – do you identify with her?

BelleShe is a bright girl who loves to read. Motivated by all the books she has read, she feels that her small town falls short. Besides, she is a determined girl with bright ideas. 

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She only gives in to protect her family, as she does when she decides to stay with the Beast. 

We especially love the latest live-action version, played by Emma Watson (2017), in which Bella appears with a more overwhelming and empowering personality.

ArielOne of the most dreamy and tested, no doubt, is Ariel. And it is precisely this passion to achieve what she wants that leads her to give up her whole life at sea for love. 

Although she’s not the most successful Disney princess (just over $258 million), we are sure you’ve hummed the legendary Under the Sea more than once, right?

Jasmine: The Princess of Ágrabah is characterized by her great empathy and by being a free spirit. 

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The recent premiere of the royal action version of Aladdin (2019) has shown us an even more independent and confident Jasmine, who does not let herself be intimidated by Jafar. Please do not wait any longer to see her!

Aurora: The protagonist of Sleeping Beauty is kind and elegant. She loves the forest and the peace that nature offers her. 

As a curiosity, we told you that when it was released in 1959, it became the most expensive movie Disney had ever produced.

Mulan: Fearless, Mulan helped us believe in ourselves and break the rules. Family is essential to her, and she tries to defend her honor to the end. The live-action version is released on March 21, 2020.