Dragon Ball Coloring Pages

We have collected many cool coloring pictures of the Japanese anime series Dragon Ball Z to print and color on this page. Have fun coloring!

Son Goku and his friends protect planets from various villains who want to conquer or destroy a planet. Dragonball is about super-powered fighters who save the world from very evil monsters with superpowers.

Free Printable Dragon Ball Coloring Pages

A Brief Story of Dragon Ball

All character of Dragon Ball can fly, fire energy balls, and find their enemies by sensing their spiritual energy. But some of them have their very own techniques.

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Saiyajins are extraterrestrials that look very similar to humans. They come from the planet Vegeta. By nature combative and quarrelsome, they are the center of the history of Dragonball Z.

Their planet was destroyed by the monster Freeza. There are only a few survivors: Son Goku, the hero, and Vegeta, the prince of the Saiyajins. Both are now living on earth.

In the beginning, Vegeta hated Son Goku and always wanted to prove his superiority. Son Goku was called Kakaroth and was sent to earth to conquer it, but he lost his memory and violent behavior.

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Although there’s quite a bit of frown in Dragonball Z, Goku only kills two enemies in the series: Kid Buu and Yakon. His ‘frenemy’ Vegeta and his son Trunks chop up most opponents.

Goku also dies twice (after fighting Raditz and Cell) but comes back to life. In the original Dragonball stories about a young Goku, the young hero kills entire tribes. At the time of Z, he has become a lot more relaxed.

Almost every name in Dragonball Z refers to food or clothing. All Saiyans are named after vegetables, such as Kakarot (carrot), Raditz (radish), Vegeta (vegetable), and Broly (broccoli).

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Saiyan is a play on the Japanese word ‘yasai’, which means vegetables. Bulma in Japanese is called ‘Bura’, or ‘bra’.

Because America found this too spicy again, her name was changed there. Her son (from Vegeta) Trunks references the good shorts.

Goku’s family is named after Asian dishes. Gohan means rice, his daughter Pan is called ‘bread’, and so on. Almost every name refers to food!