Dump Truck Coloring Pages

Dump trucks score high on the search lists, for public works coloring pages, for kids. These easy-to-print coloring sheets show cool and unique images of garbage trucks suitable for children. 

Each dump truck in the drawings is decorated with different shapes and designs that will help further nurture the artistic side of your little ones.

Free Dump Truck Coloring Pages

What is Dump Truck?

A tipper truck – also known as a dump truck – is specially designed to transport and unload goods. 

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The dump truck has two distinct parts: the cab, which houses the driver; all the truck’s controls are controlled; and an open box at the rear of the vehicle, in which the goods are transported.  

The most important feature of the tipper truck is its body, which, as its name suggests, can tip to facilitate the unloading of goods. This feature makes the dump truck one of the most useful converted vehicles for some jobs. 

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Although the box is one of the essential parts of a dump truck, other aspects include engine power, additional equipment, fuel type, and vehicle weight.