Elsa Coloring Pages

Do you like The Snow Queen Elsa? Then you are freezing right here. Get the coloring pictures of the beautiful princess Elsa on this page. You can print and color them with your chosen colors.

Elsa, daughter of King Edgar and Queen Idun d’Arendelle, the elder sister of Princess Anna, is the main character in Frozen’s Disney animated film.

Free Elsa Coloring Pages

A Brief Story of Elsa

Elsa, the Snow Queen, has been Endowed since birth with magical powers that allow her to control snow and ice. As long as her emotions don’t make them uncontrollable, Elsa experiences this gift as a curse, a spell at the origin of all her torments.

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However, during her childhood, Elsa’s powers are synonymous with complicit games and moments of happiness shared with her younger sister Anna: the two princesses play rolling in the powder snow or making snowmen whatever the season.

Until the day Elsa accidentally injures her little sister’s head. After Anna’s recovery, thanks to Great Pabbie’s healing gifts, the patriarch of the trolls, the king and queen of Arendelle, decide to cut off their elder sister from all contact with the outside world. 

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Both protect her from fear and hostility that her powers could inspire in others and preserve people, especially Anna, from her danger because of uncontrolled magic. 

Elsa grew up in a secret room in a castle with closed doors, even after the tragic disappearance of her parents at sea. Elsa endures being separated from Anna, who does not understand the change in her elder sister’s attitude towards her.

Grand Pabbie had removed all traces of her sister’s magic from the memory of the young princess when he gave her his care.

After years of secluded life, during which she tried in vain to control her powers, Elsa comes of age. 

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She must be crowned Queen of Arendelle: the doors of Arendelle Castle open again for the festivities of her coronation to which the people of Arendelle and dignitaries from many foreign countries are invited. 

Convinced by her father, from a very young age, that she must hide her powers and hide them from everyone, Elsa fears that she will not do so during the ceremony. 

However, once she allows herself to be overwhelmed by her feelings, her magic becomes unpredictable and uncontrollable.