Excavator Coloring Pages

While watching a movie or a cartoon, you may have seen mighty and very large excavators. You may even have dreamed of driving one and moving things with its folding arm and bucket. 

These free printable excavator coloring pages make you know more about these machines. Play with your friends to color the excavator now.

Free Excavator Coloring Pages

What is Excavator?

An excavator is defined as a machine used to make an excavation. It is also known as a backhoe. The excavator is usually used to open furrows intended to pass various elements, such as Pipelines, Cables, and Drainage.

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In the same way, they perform the excavation of foundations or ramps in plots of land. This machine impacts the ground using a bucket; then, with the same one, it proceeds to pull out those materials that it will drag and later deposit in its internal part.

All this is achieved through a movement from bottom to top and generally does not have a slope greater than 30% of the slippery terrain.

As for the chassis, it can be mounted on chains or tires. In the latter case, they are equipped with hydraulic jacks to fix them to the ground.

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The chain excavator is working equipment that will move using chains. It is used to excavate in areas where it is necessary to remove large quantities of earth. It is also characterized by having a vast structure capable of making 360° turns.