Fairy Coloring Page

Discover fairies and their wonderful world, full of magic and poetry. Fairies are such an inspiration for coloring artists that we don’t know where to start! 

In short, the effect of fairy coloring pages is genuinely fantastic. Good or bad, fairies are fascinating. They do exist in the following coloring pages.

Printable Fairy Coloring Pages

What is Fairy?

Fairies play a prominent role in the world inhabited by fantastic beings such as elves, gnomes, goblins, mermaids, giants, and other fantastic beings.

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They are constantly hovering around humans, for better or for worse, intervening in their destiny and bringing about unexpected encounters or events.

Fairies are fantastic graceful creatures from European mythology, especially Celtic, English, Slavic, German and French folklore. 

According to these traditions, they are beings that protect nature and are related to elves, gnomes, goblins, gods, mermaids, and giants.

In Greco-Roman mythology, they are known as fairies. Myths about fairies have varied origins based on popular beliefs from various sources, from fallen angels or demons of the Christian tradition through spirits of the dead, minor gods of the pagans to ancestors of humans.

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Several theories try to explain the origin of fairies. The most widely accepted folklorists, historians, ethnologists, archaeologists, and writers hold that their origin comes from the survival of spirits and divinities of pagan beliefs.

It is by far the most accepted theory that says that fairies were the major and minor pagan gods that changed their functions, powers, and perceptions with the arrival of Christianity changed their positions, abilities, and perceptions, and went from religion to famous legends and literature. 

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For example, many fabulous creatures considered gods in ancient mythology and legends are now presented as fairies, especially in more recent literature.

Especially in the Middle Ages, there was much confusion between goddesses and fairies. The fairies of the legends of the Middle Ages are very similar to the ancient goddess Venus and especially to Diana, sharing many of their attributes, especially their links with nature, which they also share with nymphs and dryads.