Ferrari Coloring Pages

Are you also a huge fan of fast cars? Then a Ferrari coloring page is for you. Did you know that Ferrari is an Italian company and the maker of racing and sports cars? 

In any case, we have collected some nice Ferrari coloring pages for you. Choose an excellent Ferrari model and have fun with different colors. Create your favorite car the way you want it!

Free Ferrari Coloring Pages


What is Ferrari?

Ferrari is an Italian brand of sports cars and supercars, based in Maranello and founded by Enzo Ferrari. Ferrari’s history began in competition in 1929 with the Scuderia Ferrari and in 1947 as a sports car factory. 

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It is undoubtedly one of the most influential brands globally, not only from an automotive perspective. Ferrari’s rivalry with Lamborghini dates back to Lamborghini’s origins. 

Ferruccio Lamborghini created Lamborghini tired of traveling to Maranello to repair his sports cars… being rebuked by Enzo Ferrari: “a tractor manufacturer cannot understand the complexity of a Ferrari”.

The Ferrari logo’s insignia is a rampant black horse on a yellow background, the “Cavallino rampante”. 

One of the most recognized worldwide, this emblem was born in 1923 when the then driver Enzo Ferrari won a race at the Savio circuit where he met Countess Paolina, mother of Francesco Baracca, a count. 

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During World War I, the latter became famous as an aviator and decorated his airplanes with a horse. The countess convinced Enzo Ferrari to use this emblem as a sign of good luck.

The yellow color of the Ferrari emblem is a tribute to the city of Modena, Enzo Ferrari’s hometown, and the classic red color of his cars.

The color with which we automatically associate Ferrari results from the International Automobile Federation’s allocation for Italian cars participating in Grand Prix races.

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Ferrari had belonged to the Fiat group since 1969, when the brand ceded 50% of the shares to Fiat to meet market demand, with Fiat reaching 90% of Ferrari in 1988, following the death of Enzo Ferrari on August 14, 1988.