Fire Truck Coloring Pages

Fire alert, we must act quickly because the danger threatens to spread to other houses! The firefighters are warned, but time is running out, and every second counts. Fortunately, a firefighter can always count on his truck. 

There are many fire trucks, but they are easily recognized by their red color and their distinctive siren. The car that comes to put out a fire is not the same as the one to rescue people in danger. So you can start coloring fire trucks, but before you do, make sure your red markers work.

Free Fire Truck Coloring Pages

What is Fire Truck?

The firetruck is a vehicle used by firefighters designed for firefighting. Its primary mission is to transport the necessary tools to act, mainly in a fire emergency. 

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It carries an engine to pump water obtained from a hydrant or any other available water source, communications equipment, and various tools necessary to deal with emergencies.

There are various configurations of fire engines concerning the position of the pump control panel, including the lid mounting, which can be on the side, located in the front, or the rear. 

The trucks may carry some water, but those generally operating over urban environments are designed under the confidence that there are hydrants adapted for operation in case of fire.

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The primary purpose of the engines is direct fire suppression. However, they may carry many tools, including ladders, power supplies, fireproof suits and helmets, axes, fire extinguisher bottles, and ventilation equipment. 

Nowadays, the truck is handled by professionals who usually carry equipment and a multipurpose vehicle prepared not only for firefighting but also for rescue tasks, intervention in first missions, etc. There is not necessarily a clear boundary between a fire truck and a rescue unit.