Formula 1 Coloring Pages

A Formula 1 car is a speedy car that is only designed to compete in specially prepared circuits. The car is very low and reaches high speeds, so it is not allowed to drive on traditional asphalt.

In this section, you can find different cars of formula one that compete every day on circuits. Get your colored pencil or markers and color these formula one coloring pages.

Free Formula 1 Coloring Pages

What is Formula 1?

A Formula car is a single-seat car that competes in closed asphalt circuits; if it had more seats, it would be a sports racing or tourism vehicle; and compete in non-closed courses. It could be a rally, Hillclimb, or rallycross, among other options. 

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Formula 1 is a standard term that implies that, within Formula cars, it is the set of rules with the highest technological and mechanical level. 

In previous decades there were also Formula 2, Formula 3, and Formula 4; F3 subsists well as a high-performance training category, while F2 and F4 are derived in other categories that fulfill their function well as steps in the training of a driver towards the highest level. 

In all these cases, the driver drives in a car without a roof and bare wheels. Formula 1, the jewel of world motorsport Formula 1

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F1 cars are the fastest and most technological in the world.F1 cars are the quickest and most specialized globally due to their outstanding aerodynamics and highly advanced engines. 

A modern F1 car can ideally reach 360 km/h at 18,000 RPM and generate lateral accelerations of up to 5 g in some corners—F1’s traditional home base in Western Europe, particularly England and Italy. 

However, it has expanded enormously to other continents in recent decades, particularly in Asia. The 2010 World Championship had 527 million spectators, which gives it a very high level of popularity and economic power within sports. 

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However, it is also costly; the budget of a top team is several hundred million dollars per year, so many teams have disappeared for lack of money, and many others have been bought and transformed into new teams.