Frozen Coloring Pages

Do you look for coloring pages of Frozen? Then you’re freezing right here! Frozen is one of Disney’s last fabulous computer-animated films (by studio Pixar).

The lead role in the movie has Elsa, the Snow Queen. Anna is her younger sister. The story takes place in the kingdom of Arendelle.

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A Brief Story of Frozen

Frozen is one of the most significant phenomena in cinema. The animated film with the most critical international box office of all time is, in reality, an adaptation of one of the best-known children’s fables of the genre.

Frozen (2013) was an absolute Disney success. It’s the most prominent box office animation in history. It won two Oscars and two Golden Globes and is among the 11 most prominent box offices in history.

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That year, almost all the children (and some adults, too) wanted to be Elsa and Anna, the royal sisters who saved the kingdom they lived in.

The success was so great that Frozen 2 would be in the movie theaters later this year, on November 27 (USA) – in Brazil, January 2, 2020. The animation will have a preview at CCXP19 on December 7.

However, the original story was not born quickly. It took Disney Animations almost 75 years to get her out of the role, so dark that she is The Snow Queen, a story Frozen is based on.

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There were dozens of versions of Frozen. Each one was rejected for a reason. And even the recent version has undergone a radical turnaround – for, initially, Elsa would be the ruthless villain and Anna the hero.

Frozen was based on The Snow Queen, a fairy tale published by Hans Christian Andersen in 1844. The author owns several fairy tales and children’s fables, some of which have already been adapted by Disney, such as The Little Mermaid.

But the Scandinavian author’s stories are much darker than those shown on the big screen and frozen. The original tale begins with some natural demons building a cursed mirror that shows the worst of people.

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It breaks, however, into several pieces. Anyone who gets hit by one of the fractals will have his heart frozen, and he’ll never be able to love again.

And that happens to Kai and Gerda, two brothers. The first, a boy, gets his heart frozen and ends up kidnapped by the Snow Queen, who wants to destroy the world and use the boy for that.

The villain makes him forget his sister, Gerda. But the girl who has been hit manages to get rid of the curse through the prayer of faith.