Ghost Rider Coloring Pages

Johnny Blaze or Ghost Rider is a character from the Marvel universe. He was created by Roy Thomas, Gary Friedrich, and Mike Ploog and first appeared in “Marvel Spotlight #5” in 1972.

You can find the best Ghost Rider coloring pages on this page. We make sure that all drawings below are ready to print. So, let us prepare your markers and color them.

Free Ghost Rider Coloring Pages

The Ghost Rider is more of an anti-hero than a true hero, he is one of the many supernatural beings in the House of Ideas, but there is no doubt that he is one of the darkest and most tortured.

Johnny Blaze is a skilled stuntman and a famous biker who agreed to give his soul to the devil (who is Mephisto) in exchange for the life of his mentor and adoptive father.

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But our man won’t go to hell, and Mephisto will link him with the demon Zatharos: from now on, Blaze is no longer human and shares his body with the creature.

He transforms into a skeletal creature riding a flaming motorcycle and armed with a mystical chain as the Ghost Rider at night!

Living with a curse, Blaze will still use his supernatural gifts to fight crime and embody the spirit of vengeance.

A loner, the character will sometimes join forces with other superheroes in renowned teams such as the Champions or the Defenders.

The general public will popularize the character thanks to two films released in 2007 and 2012. It is the actor Nicolas Cage who gives his features to the surface.

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Finally, note that according to a ranking by IGN, Ghost Rider is at the 90th rank of the 100 greatest superheroes of all time.

Ghost Rider has several supernatural abilities due to his demonic origins:

  • First, he has supernatural strength and can lift 25 tons.
  • He is almost invincible, and it is difficult to get rid of him by conventional means: firearms don’t do anything to him, and brute force can hurt him but not kill him.
  • He also has a self-healing factor in recovering quickly from his injuries.
  • According to rumors, he is immortal, and only God and the Angels can put an end to his existence.
  • He has a power of atonement: it is a look that traumatizes human beings in the depths of their souls because it makes them feel the consequences of their evil deeds and inspires them with terror and remorse.
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Note that in the comics, Blaze manages to get rid of the demon Zatharos for a while. However, this small respite will not be incoming, and Blaze will quickly re-infuse his flaming motorcycle.

But during this second incarnation, our man will acquire new powers:

  • He can produce his mystical chains.
  • He can travel between incorporeal realms.

Blaze is thus a super-powerful being and perhaps even the most powerful character in the Marvel universe.

Dr. Strange tells him in the crossover “World Wars Hulk,” and the latter tells him that if he wants, Blaze can stop anyone, including the Hulk.