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Green Lantern is an interstellar police corps whose task is to fight evil in all its forms and maintain order in the universe. This police force was established on the planet Oa. It is a planet located in the geographical center of the universe by the inhabitants of the planets.

Free Green Lantern Coloring Pages

A Brief Story of Green Lantern

The Green Lantern appeared for the first time in comics back in 1940 in All American Comics magazine, thanks to the author’s Bill Finger (Batman’s screenwriter) and Martin Nordell. 

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Initially, this blond superhero was characterized a bit like Superman, except for the different colors of the costume. He had a purple cloak and a red shirt with a lantern symbol in the middle, green pants, and a black mask on his face. 

To prevent his power from becoming unlimited, which would have made the series very dull, the authors put an Achilles heel on this character: wood. 

Green Lantern’s superpowers were ineffective on all objects containing wood, and this allowed all super villains to find solutions to create many difficulties for our hero. 

This time, the Green Lantern is Hal Jordan, an airplane test pilot who finds himself rescuing an alien that has crashed to Earth. He belongs to the body of the Guardians of the Universe called Green Lanterns from the planet Oa.

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He gives Hal a powerful ring that can fulfill every wish, also entrusting him with the task of Guardian of Abin Sur, the area of the universe to which the Earth belongs. 

This time the weak point of the ring is not the wood, but the yellow objects, so all the purposes of this color make the superpowers of Green Lantern ineffective. 

Like all superheroes, Green Lantern has a secret identity, of which only his colleague Tom Kalmaku is aware. Still, otherwise, no one else, not even his girlfriend Carol Ferris, knows that his Hal Jordan is one of the most powerful superheroes on Earth.

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Green Lantern is also part of the Justice League superheroes. In the early ’70s, screenwriter Danny O’Neil took over the Green Lantern stories and designed the extraordinary Neil Adams. They gave a new impetus to the series and sales. 

In this series, following the abandonment of the ring by Hal Jordan, the new clothes of Green Lantern were taken by John Stewart, which we find in the animated films of the Justice League and later by Guy Gardner.