Groot Coloring Pages

Grab your markers or colored pencils. Just start coloring. The longer you’re at it, the more beautiful the significant coloring page becomes, the more it turns into your painting. 

Do you want to have a coloring page like that? Then, please choose these Groot coloring pages below. You can also give it as a gift to your child and work on it with your family. 

Free Groot Coloring Pages

Who is Groot?

Many of us remember Groot as the adorable little plant that waddles to the Jackson 5! But the talking tree is also, and above all, Rocket Raccoon’s faithful companion in the Marvel series: Guardians of the Galaxy. 

This endearing character was created in 1960 by Stan Lee and cartoonist Jack Kirby. He made his first appearance in the comic book Tales to Astonish in November 1960, during the Silver Age of comics. 

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Before he became the friendly walking tree we know, Groot was an evil being. Hard to believe, isn’t it? Yet Groot’s story begins like most aliens’: to conquer Earth. 

The self-proclaimed monarch of Planet X, the alien tree referred to as a “Floral Colossus,” has ambitions to travel to Earth to capture and study human beings.

To do this, the Floral Colossus raises an army of tree-aliens that the local authorities cannot stop. As Groot and his fellow aliens surround the city, scientist Leslie Evans comes up with the most effective idea to stop them: release a colony of mutant termites on these walking trees. 

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Although the mighty Groot survives this attack, he disappears from Marvel publications. He only resurfaces in 1976 in the comic book series The Incredible Hulk Annual by Chris Claremont and Len Wein. 

Groot is part of a group of five monsters recreated by the terrible Xemenu to destroy the Hulk. But once again, the tree-alien is defeated and disappears from the Marvel universe for many years.

However, a character with Groot’s potential cannot be swept away like a twig! So, he suddenly reappears in 2005 in the one-shot Marvel Monsters: Monsters on the Prowl, created by Steve Niles and Duncan Fegredo. 

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It is then revealed that after the attack of mutant termites, Groot is captured by the Collector, who sequesters him in a kind of underground zoo. 

But this time, good fortune smiles on the talking tree, which takes advantage of a confrontation between his jailer and the Mole Man to escape with other creatures. 

However, the euphoria of newfound freedom is short-lived as Groot and his new friends – who terrorize all of Manhattan in their glee – are thwarted by the Hulk, the Falcon, the Thing, and Giant-Man. 

Mr. Fantastic then disposes of the monsters by sending them to the Negative Zone, a dimension in which the physical properties of our universe do not apply.