Guava Coloring Pages

The Guava is a tropical fruit tree for the refined taste and sweet and beneficial fruits rich in vitamin C and antioxidant substances.

You can get these beneficial fruits on the following coloring pages below. Please choose the images you like, then color them as you like. They are waiting for you to be colored, so let us have fun.

Free Printable Guava Coloring Pages

The Benefits of Guava

The Guava is fruit still relatively rare in the fresh state on the French market. Depending on the variety, it can have the shape of a small pear or an apple of 5 to 10 cm in diameter. 

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Its thin skin, yellow spotted with black (and sometimes pink), is bitter and slightly astringent. 

But its juicy and soft pulp, yellow or pink according to the varieties (and contains many tiny edible seeds), has an incomparable aroma. 

Its fragrant and acidic flavor, very characteristic, evokes both the peach and strawberry.

The Guava is a fruit with a low sugar content: its average carbohydrate content is about 5.5 g per 100 g (although some varieties can contain 10 or 12 g per 100 g). 

These carbohydrates are mainly constituted by simple sugars: fructose (50% of the total carbohydrate) and glucose (40% of the total), as well as sucrose (10% of the total).

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The Guava distinguishes itself from other fruits thanks to its exciting antioxidant substances and dietary fibers soft for the intestines. 

Eat it plain, always peeled and seeded, as a dessert or at any other time of the day. 

Plain, it blends perfectly with fruit salads. It can be eaten sprinkled with sugar and drizzled with rum when it is green. 

Mixed into a puree, it can be used to make refreshing coulis, mousses, ice creams, and sorbets. 

It compote and confit willingly, raised of spices such as cinnamon, vanilla, star anise. Its jelly is, moreover, very appreciated. 

Finally, it can be used to make juices and gourmet syrups, drink as is, or use as a base for cocktails.

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Guava is also suitable for savory preparations. Thus, raw and indices can decorate a green salad mixed with salmon and green apple dice: freshness guaranteed. 

Cooked in slices, seasoned with lemon and pepper, or reduced to a purée, it goes very well with fish, poultry, and white meats.

It can also be prepared in a delicate sauce. You have to simmer it with onions, vinegar, sugar, and a good dose of spices, four-spice, and cinnamon in particular. 

Finally, you should know that guava paste, if appreciated in confectionery, is a great success served with fresh goat cheese.