Helicopter Coloring Pages

Get your favorite helicopter coloring pages here. Become even more aware of all the differences between the vehicles on land on sea and in the air by coloring the various coloring pages.

What are the differences between a helicopter and an airplane? The helicopter has no wings, but it does have four rotor blades. Together with the shaft, that is the propeller. 

Free Helicopter Coloring Pages

What is Helicopter?

A helicopter is an aircraft that hovers in the air and moves in all directions because it has a large upper propeller (horizontal rotor) and a smaller one at the rear (tail rotor).

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Like airplanes, you can almost always hear them coming before you can see them. This is due to the noise of the powerful engine that moves them. Something that surprises all children.

The primary and most oversized rotor can have two or more blades. It is used to raise, lower, support the device in the air, and move forward or backward. The second, much smaller, is used to turn left or right.

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It is a very reliable and safe flying machine. Extraordinarily versatile as it is used to perform many jobs or functions. In addition, they can access almost any point to carry out their work.

Suppose you are wondering what functions the helicopter has. In that case, the answer is that they can be used for flying ambulances, rescue operations, military missions, and firefighting to transport people or heavy loads. But we will see that later in the section on different types of helicopters.

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The helicopter was created from two Greek words: Heliz, meaning wing, and Ptero, meaning spiral. Therefore, the meaning of helicopter is the spiral or rotary-wing.