Lion Guard Coloring pages

There is the collection of coloring pictures of The Lion’s Guard below. Fantastic designs will allow you to have fun creating as a family or with friends. 

The pictures below can be printed. All of them are available at no charge. Lion Guard is one of the famous Disney animated movies.

Free Lion Guard Coloring Pages

A Brief Story of Lion Guard

Kion is the prince of the Kingdom Lands. He discovers that he is the next leader of the Lion Guard, as he is the king’s second son. 

Simba asks Kion to gather the bravest, strongest, fastest, and sharpest looking of the Kingdom Lands as his members. However, he neglects to mention that only lions can be part of it.

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A new legend arrives on the Disney screens. The series continues the acclaimed story presented in the film The Lion King, which has touched families around the world for 20 years – since its premiere in theaters – will have its long-awaited preview this month on the Disney Channel and Disney Junior.

The Lion’s Guard is a series of short films presented by Disneynature for Disney Junior and conducted by the members of the Guard, Bunga, and Ono. It is a show about nature with curious facts about animals and their habitats. 

The Lion’s Guard: A New Roar is a 44-minute special episode featuring the series that will premiere at Disney Junior in May, The Lion’s Guard, introducing a whole new generation of children to the classic and endearing story starring Simba and Mufasa.

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Each episode presents authentic images of the animal world of Disneynature and highlights two species, chosen by Bunga and Ono, which compete in various categories such as “Which one is faster”, “Which one has better hair”, and “Which one is hungrier”.

In The Lion’s Guard: A New Roar Kion, Simba and Nala’s son takes on the leadership of the Lion’s Guard, a team made up of the most ferocious, brave, fast, reliable, and sharp-eyed people in the kingdom’s lands, in charge of preserving the Prairies.

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Instead of assembling a team of young lions to help him, Kion defies tradition by calling on the friends he considers to be the best option. The young animals will learn how to use each of their skills to solve problems and protect the Cycle of Life.

In this way, Disney Junior is preparing to receive the Lion’s Guard series in May, where Kion and his diverse group of friends will use their unique problem-solving skills to accomplish the task of maintaining balance in the Cycle of Life. 

The stories will include Mufasa, Timon, Pumba, Rafiki, Zazu, and Kion’s older sister, Kiara, the future Queen of the Prairies.