Lion King Coloring Pages

The Lion King is a Disney cartoon. Following the birth of Simba, son of King Mufasa and Queen Sarabi, the brother of King Scar allies with the evil hyenas to kill Simba and Mufasa. 

Simba is forced to leave the kingdom and grows up in the savannah with Timon and Pumbaa. Get the Lion King coloring pages here, then color them with your colors. Happy coloring.

Printable Lion King Coloring Pages


A Brief Story of Lion King

In the African savannah, all the animals gathered to celebrate the birth of Prince Simba, son of King Mufasa and Queen Sarabi. 

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All except Scar, Mufasa’s younger brother, for whom the birth of this heir dashed all hopes of one day coming to power.

On the other hand, the mighty lion, King Mufasa, whom all jungle guests respect and admire for his wisdom and generosity. His young son Simba knows that one day he will succeed.

He has to be a successor following the universal laws of the cycle of life. Sadly, he is far from guessing the trials and sacrifices that the exercise of power will impose on him. 

Mischievous, naive, and boisterous, the cub spends most of his time playing with his girlfriend Nala and teasing Zazu, his worthy tutor. 

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His future kingdom appears to him in a dream as an enchanted place where he will enjoy life, have fun, and give orders. 

However, Simba’s world is not as safe as he thinks. Scar, Mufasa’s brother, has always aspired to the throne. 

Unhealthily jealous of his elder brother, he intrigues to eliminate him and his successor at the same time. 

He relies on Simba’s childlike curiosity and adventurous temperament to reveal to him the existence of a mysterious and dangerous elephant graveyard. 

Simba, forgetting her father’s repeated warnings, immediately goes in secret with Nala and is attacked by three ferocious hyenas. Luckily, Mufasa arrives to save the reckless lion cub and his little companion. 

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But Scar doesn’t give up his sinister plans. With the help of the three hyenas, he lures Simba into a ravine and chases a herd of wildebeest. 

Listening only to his courage, Mufasa saves his son again and tries to take shelter by climbing the cliff. Pushed away by his felon brother, he perishes under the hooves of the panicking wildebeest. 

Scar then blames the innocent Simba for the death of the King and persuades him to leave the Highlands forever. 

For the first time, Simba finds himself alone and helpless in the face of a hostile world. Fate then sets a curious pair of friends on their way.