Mango Coloring Pages

The mango is a deliciously fragrant, juicy, tender, fleshy fruit. Its flesh, of beautiful yellow-orange color, has a delicate sweet taste. 

On this page, you will see the collection of mango coloring pages. These printable images are available without any purchase and registration. So let us choose your favorites, then have fun. 

Printable Mango Coloring Pages

Nutritional Information of Mango

Mango is the king of exotic fruits, symbolizing divinity in ancient Indian beliefs. This fruit is ideal for consumption in purity to enjoy its sweet taste and critical nutritional properties fully.

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Mango is one of the richest fruits in carotene or provitamin A, later transformed into vitamin A in the intestine. 

The level of mango (3 mg/100 g), is higher than that of melon or apricot, the two metropolitan fruits richest in provitamin A. This rate increases with the degree of ripening of the fruit. 

It is also well-provided in ascorbic acid or vitamin C: 44 mg/100 g, that is to say, a rate comparable to that of citrus fruits (grapefruit, orange, or clementine). 

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Contrary to what happens with provitamin A, the level of vitamin C decreases as the fruit ripens. 

Another advantage is that the mango is moderately caloric (60 kcal/100 g). It is between the apple and the cherry. 

Thus, a 120 g plain mango provides 70 kcal, 100% of the recommended nutritional intake of vitamin A and 65% of the recommended nutritional intake of vitamin C.

Rich in vitamins with anti-oxidant properties and fiber, mango is one of the fresh vegetables (like melon, carrot, and green vegetables) recommended in the diet. 

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Its “preventive action” fights effectively against premature cellular aging caused by certain cancers and atherosclerosis.