Funny Minions Coloring Pages

Here are many funny pictures of the Minions to print and color. The Minions have always been in search of a Master. Before they met Gru, they served other bad guys. 

Finding an Evil Master was a cinch for the Minions, but keeping one was a whole different story. Because of the Minions’ clumsiness, their Masters usually didn’t turn out so well.

Free Printable Minions Coloring Pages

What Are Minions?

When there was no Horrible Master left on Earth, the Minions became gloomy and listless. But three Minions did not resign themselves to their masterless fate and set out to find a new Super Villain to serve.

The Minions are tiny little yellow creatures from the world of cartoons. They are an integral part of the animated series Despicable Me. The origin of much of the comedy in the film, they are known as Gru’s companions. 

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They are impulsive, absent-minded, and generally incompetent creatures with little self-control. Minions are small yellow creatures that have existed since the dawn of time. 

From a single-celled yellow organism, they evolved into a primitive life form with one purpose: to serve the most terrible villains in history. 

After all their masters – a T-Rex, a pharaoh, Genghis Khan, Dracula, a stone age man, a knight, and Napoleon – were killed by their misadventures, they decided to isolate themselves from the world. They lived depressed in an ice cave for many years because they lacked a leader.

While it’s clear that the Minions were supposed to play second fiddle to God, it’s fair to say that they stole the show. So when Despicable Me 2 was a hit in 2013, a Minions-centric spin-off movie was the obvious next step.

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The Minions, a group of simple-minded homunculi, all have similar physiology. Still, they have unique distinguishing characteristics in size, several eyes, curves, or secondary features such as hair, pupil size, or clothing. 

These yellow characters mostly wear black gloves and boots, small glasses that fit their eyes, and overalls with the Gru emblem. 

Although there are several hundred Minions, there are only about 40 possible combinations of height and build (short and chubby, medium, tall and thin), hair (tall and chopped, short and chopped, grown, combed, splayed, bald), and eyes (one, two).

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They express themselves primarily through action, not words. Their language, Minions, is relatively simple, and they use strange slang combined with various human languages. 

As a result, their language is almost incomprehensible to many of us but so funny. Elements of Japanese and Spanish can also be extracted from their way of speaking.

These creatures love bananas and apples, and one look at one of these fruits is enough to confuse them. They also love art and find anything to do with butts very entertaining. 

There is hardly anything that these little creatures don’t find funny. Their sense of humor is somewhat childish, even silly: they laugh, for example, at the sound of bubbles in a water filter while scanning their butts in a photocopier.