Moana Coloring Pages

We have dedicated this page to fans of the Disney film Moana. You can find Moana coloring pictures to color. Moana Waialiki is a princess who will live an adventure in the Polynesian Sea in Oceania.

Moana is a girl of about 16 years old and is the daughter of a head of a family of sailors and will meet Maui, with whom she will travel the South Pacific to fulfill a critical mission. Here are these drawings of Moana.

Free Moana Coloring Pages

A Brief Story of Moana

The story takes place on the South Pacific islands, a new terrain for Disney, and uses its traditions and customs. The team made a trip of three weeks that took her from Fiji to Samoa, Tahiti, and New Zealand.

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The history starts with Moana, only a baby, when she already feels the sharp call of the sea. In the 16 years, she investigates what is behind that voice. It leads her to discover the past of her people.