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In April 1964, Ford presented the Mustang to be marketed at the New York Auto Show. Different names were considered, such as Cougar or Puma, later used in future models. 

Free Mustang Coloring Pages

What is Mustang?

The Mustang was a direct order from the legendary Lee Iacocca to Ford’s design department to try to stop the rise of small European sports cars in the North American market. 

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Iacocca asked Gene Bordinat – at that time head of design for the brand – to create an inexpensive sports car in which appearance was more important than technology. 

The two-seater convertible prototype was ready in 1962, but Iacocca found it too futuristic and rejected it. The project was then taken over by a young designer, Joe Oros, who had already come up with the familiar lines of the car a year later.

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However, the latest data that have come to light (as of October 7, 2015) indicate that, although both names were present in the list, although it was a different one, Torino, the one that was more likely to become a reality. Finally, as we all know, it ended up being called Mustang.

Ford considered using the name of the transalpine city for the Mustang because J. Walter Thompson, an advertising and creative agency, suggested launching the car with a campaign.