Nut coloring pages

The nut is indehiscent, as are the hazelnut, acorn, and chestnut. It is round and has a hard shell with a rough texture protecting the edible part. 

On this page, you will find nut coloring pictures to print. Let’s color them as you like. It is rich in nutrients that fight cardiovascular and brain diseases.

Printable Nut Coloring Pages

Benefits and Properties of Walnut

The walnut possesses several active principles responsible for its benefits and properties, including juglones, essential oil, tannins (leaves and seed membranes), gallic acid, and ellagic acid. 

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50% of its composition is oil-rich in glycerides and linoleic acid, potentially healthy. Every 100 grams provide between 662 and 668 calories. 

It has carbohydrate (15%), fiber (5%), protein (15%), lipids (60%), sodium (4 milligrams/100 grams), potassium (500 milligrams/100 grams), calcium (80 milligrams/100 grams), phosphorus (400 milligrams/100 grams), iron (2 milligrams/100 grams), vitamin B1 (0.3 milligrams/100 grams) and vitamin B2 (0.1 milligrams/100 grams).

In addition, to having more antioxidants than other nuts (more effective and potent). The nut contains “good fats” (polyunsaturated and monounsaturated).

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It causes minor damage to the body. They do not clog arteries, protect the immune system, are anti-inflammatory, and reduce neurological ailments.

Walnuts are an excellent ally to fight obesity since they are low in sugar and their glycemic index is very low.

Its vitamins and minerals, especially E, B, and zinc, prevent skin dryness and preserve the excellent condition of hair, avoiding dandruff and baldness.

But the greatest virtue of the walnut is that it is one of the best fruits for the heart since it helps regulate cholesterol in the blood, due to its high percentage of Omega 3, very similar to that of fish such as hake, swordfish, sardines, and tuna. 

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In addition, amino acids such as L-arginine also prevent cardiovascular diseases and reduce cardiac risks.

Among other benefits of walnuts is that they can improve sperm quality and reduce the risk of developing prostate or breast cancer.