Orchid Coloring Pages

An orchid is a group of plants called monocots that can be distinguished from other families by the complexity of their leaves.

On this page, you can find beautiful orchid coloring pictures. You can print then color them with your favorite colors. So, let us choose your favorites below and have fun.

Printable Orchid Coloring Pages

How to Care Orchid?

It should be noted that the origin of its name dates back to about the 5th century BC, where the Greek philosopher Theophrastus named the flower “Orchis”, a word that refers to the testicles.

The scholar gave this name to the plant when he noticed that it had two rounded tubercles at the base of its roots, which closely resembled the testicles of males. This gave rise to the current name “orchid” by which this group of flowers is known.

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There can be no doubt that orchids are beautiful flowers that can decorate from a large open garden to a small room inside a house, but like any plant, they require a series of care to develop ideally, and you can feel proud of them your gardening skills.

The first thing you should know is that the care of indoor orchids and the care of terrestrial orchids or that are outside the house have similar care to be taken into account to contemplate them for hours, making your environment more fresh and aromatic.

Sunlight is essential for your orchids to grow healthy and robust; however, they do not tolerate direct sunlight well because they can wilt. 

If the orchids are in a house, the most advisable is to place them near an advantage where the light enters but not in a direct way, or if it is in an office without windows, to put an artificial light of mercury to guarantee enough light to our plant.

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If you have the orchids in the garden, the idea is to place them in a place where there is a giant plant or in a group of trees that can provide a natural filter to the light.

Water is as essential as sunlight for the excellent development of your plants. Still, you must know how and when to water your orchids since using ordinary tap water exposes your flower to a lot of chlorine and a very high pH that can damage it. 

For this reason, it is recommended to use bottled water if you have a few plants, or if you have a huge garden, you can use a filtering system.

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The frequency with which the plant is watered should also be taken care of, watering more frequently in summer and more regularly in winter, making sure that the substrate dries out partially between waterings. 

In addition, water should not be allowed to puddle at the base of the orchid, as this alone will cause the orchid’s roots to rot.

The habitat of orchids is in tropical areas, so they need a temperature that does not drop below 4 or 5º C.

So if you live in an area where the winter is freezing, you must take the appropriate precautions so that the plants do not die, such as placing them in a greenhouse.