Palm Tree Coloring Pages

Depending on the species, palm trees are shrubs or trees with a large and robust trunk, high or low, smooth or rough. You can get the coloring pages of the palm tree here.

You can print then color them with your favorite colors. Please choose the images you like, then be happy. 

Printable Palm Tree Coloring Pages

Palms are undoubtedly fascinating trees, much appreciated for their well-known characteristic of giving the environment in which they grow a pleasant and captivating connotation of a “tropical” scene: an exotic motif immersed in urban scenarios. 

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Some of these grow outdoors, even in the frigid climates of the north. In areas with a mild climate, they are mainly cultivated, above all for their ornamental value, valuable precisely to give an imaginary scenery of warm and tropical lands. 

Palms belong to a broad group of trees called Palmaceae. They have very strong stems but are not very thick. 

Many of the different types do not branch, but all species have the characteristic leaves that grow in large clumps on top of their trunks. 

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These are notoriously large, and among the different species, there are two types: compound and pinnate, with many small leaves, or they are simple. They open like a fan and are called “palmates”. 

At the fall, the leaves leave fibrous bases on the trunk. The flowers of the palms are closed in a particular oval leaf known as “spathe”. 

Their color is yellowish. On the other hand, Fruits differ in size and substance and are shaped like stones. Typical fruits of palms are also dates and coconuts.