Pocahontas Coloring Pages

Kids will love adding color to these coloring pages themed after Disney’s romantic animated musical film, Pocahontas. And these Pocahontas coloring pages are available for free.

The beautiful Native American damsel can be seen with her handsome John Smith. The drawing featuring her father, Chief Powhatan, shows us the closeness and love between father and daughter. 

Printable Pocahontas Coloring Pages

A Brief Story of Pocahontas

Pocahontas, an Indian Legend, is the 33rd animated classic of the Disney studio, released in 1995 (between The Lion King and The Hunchback of Notre Dame).

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This film has another interest: it takes certain distances from the real history of the real Pocahontas. Like Kaamelott or Vikings, these differences are not simple errors due to a significant lack of research, quite the contrary. 

Pocahontas is the princess of the Powhatan confederation, led by its chief, Wahunsonacock, better known as Chief Powhatan. Two elements can already arouse our interest. 

First, Pocahontas is a nickname. Princess Pocahontas was called Mataoka and Amonute. Her nickname, Pocahontas, given by her tribe and later adopted by the English, means “little mischief maker”. 

A mischievous person is a lively and mischievous person without malice. However, the Larousse dictionary specifies that this adjective is used to characterize a child. 

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Because yes, unlike Disney’s Pocahontas, Mataoka was about 12 years old when she met John Smith, who saved her from being put to death by her father. 

Why did the creators at Disney prefer to make an older Pocahontas? There are several hypotheses. The most obvious is that a love story between a man and a twelve-year-old girl is not very popular! 

The second reason is that the scriptwriters preferred to put aside the mischievous character of Pocahontas: we only see her once playing a prank (when she overturns the boat of her best friend). 

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If Pocahontas appears to us as a person indeed lively and accessible as the wind, she is not without certain wisdom, wisdom that will allow her to open the eyes of the Englishman John Smith. 

And a naughty child who gives life lessons to an adult, if that passes more than a pedophile marriage, remains less convincing than a young (but wise) adult who gives an existential speech to another adult. 

The third hypothesis is that making Pocahontas a splendid adult is to respect the tradition of Disney princesses: adult princesses with generous measurements and exquisite faces.