Poppy Coloring Pages

The poppy is one of the best-known flowers in the garden plant environment. You’ve probably heard a lot about it or read about it because it’s so popular and common. 

In any case, it is interesting to color these plants as you like. So get the poppy coloring pictures here, then you can print them. Let us color them and have fun.

Free Printable Poppy Coloring Pages

The Plant native to the Mediterranean basin, red poppy (or common poppy or rosacea), belongs to the family of Papaveraceae. 

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The genus Papaver includes more than 70 species of various colors and sizes. Some species can even reach one meter, whereas dwarf varieties are just 20-25 cm tall. 

The Papaver genus includes both annual and perennial species. The annual species of Papaver somniferum is a part of are often toxic.

The delicate and odorless flowers of the poppy are placed at the end of the slender stem. The leaves are oval long, with serrated margins and covered with a thick down. The branch produces a milky substance that repels insects.

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The red poppy plant grows wild in our latitudes and includes over 120 different varieties. Most of them have red petals with black spots at the base. 

The upright stems are sturdy and long. They have thick hairs and support elongated leaves with serrated edges. 

Flowers begin to blossom from mid-May to June, but late varieties continue their blooming until October. 

It is the flower itself to contain precious active principles used in the official pharmacopeia. 

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In particular, some substances have sedative properties at the base of many remedies having a calming effect. 

The stamens are used in herbal medicine to create sedative herbal teas relaxing both for the mind and for the muscles.