Shrek Coloring Pages

Today, you can get Shrek coloring pages here. Shrek is green barley. He washes with slugs, spits often, and rolls in the mud. He is mischievous and lives in a sinister swamp. 

With his talkative friend, Donkey, he sets out to rescue a young princess who is being held captive by an ugly dragoness. Shrek quickly becomes a very endearing character.

Shrek Coloring Pages to Print

A Brief Story of Shrek

The story begins as fairy tales do: “Once upon a time there lived a princess waiting to be rescued by her prince…”. 

On the other hand, in a swamp far away lived a cantankerous ogre named Shrek, whose precious solitude is unexpectedly convulsed by annoying fairy tale characters. 

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Blind mice appear in his food, a big, bad wolf in his bed, three little pigs with nowhere to go, and many more, all driven out of his kingdom by the evil Lord Farquaad.

Determined to return them to their kingdom and save his own from intruders, Shrek arranges with Farquaad and sets out to rescue the beautiful Princess Fiona, whom Farquaad will marry. 

A wise-cracking donkey accompanies him on the mission, willing to do anything for Shrek except keep his mouth shut. 

Upon arriving at the castle, Donkey is in charge of distracting the dragon, who falls in love with him. Shrek manages to rescue the princess, and they flee, leaving the dragon sad. On the way back, Fiona and Shrek begin a friendship.

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Princess Fiona has a secret, and she was bewitched when she was a child. She would turn into an ogre; only her true love’s kiss would make her take her proper form.

The ogre searches for Lord Farquaad to deliver the princess to him. She meets Lord Farquaad and is surprised by his short stature and arrogant attitude. 

Shrek retrieves the deeds to his swamp to live alone again, and Fiona agrees to marry Lord Farquaad before nightfall so that he will not notice her spell.

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Shrek returns to his swamp, and the Donkey follows him and comments that he cannot let them take Fiona away from him, that he must fight for his love. 

Shrek decides to go after Fiona. Donkey unexpectedly calls the dragon, and they fly to the church where the wedding is held. 

Upon arrival, Shrek interrupts and clarifies everything. Regardless of the mockery of the people, they give each other the kiss of true love, and Fiona is transformed into a she-dragon forever.