Sleeping Beauty Coloring Pages

Here is the collection of Sleeping beauty coloring pages. These are the coloring pages of one of the Disney Princesses. Get the drawings and print them.

The fairy tale of the princess who pricks herself on the spinning wheel. And of course, Prince Philip, and the good fairies Flora, Fauna, Mooiweertje, and the evil fairy, Malafide.

Free Printable Sleeping Beauty Coloring Pages

When Sleeping Beauty is born, the three good fairies grant her a wish. After two desires, the wicked witch Malafide enters, who was not invited to the party and is very angry. 

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She says that when she is 16, Sleeping Beauty will prick herself on a spinning wheel and die. With their last wish, the good fairies can make it so that she will fall into a deep sleep and not die. 

The king has all the spinning wheels burned and isolates Sleeping Beauty, but still, Malafide causes Sleeping Beauty to prick herself.