Smurf Coloring Pages

Are you looking for a great Smurfs coloring page? Then look in the list below with all Smurfs coloring pages and choose your favorite Smurf. When coloring, do note that Big Smurf has a different color hat than all the other Smurfs!

The Smurfs are a fun bunch. With Big Smurf as the leader, it’s a cozy Smurf village. Which smurfs do you know? Spectacle Smurf, Fun Smurf, Potty, Smurffin, Smurf and Music Smurf. They are all there. But watch out for Gargamel and Azrael!

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Printable Smurf Coloring Pages

Everyone knows them, those lovely and cute little creatures, the Smurfs! They live deep in the forest and lead a happy life in Smurfland as long as the terrible Gargamel leaves them alone. 

Gargamel is a mean wizard who lives a little further in the same forest with his cat Azraël and spends his entire life hunting down and harassing the Smurfs. 

When he tries to catch a Smurf to eat, the Smurfs are always too quick for Gargamel, and they can escape from his grasp. The Smurfs originated from the cartoon series Johan and Pirrewiet when they got a supporting role in some adventures. 

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You can easily recognize a Smurf by his blue skin and big white hat. Each Smurf has its personality, and they speak a funny Smurf language. 

Their leader, the Great Smurf, is the wisest of all the Smurfs, can do magic, and can be recognized by his red hat with red pants and white beard.